Is your child or teen having difficulty in school?  Are they not engaging in activities they previously enjoyed? Are they experimenting with drugs or alcohol? Are they having trouble controlling or expressing their emotions? We are here to help them!


Providing your child or teen with the help they need.

You do not have to feel helpless. We are here to help your child or teen identify their issues and develop specific goals and strategies in a compassionate, safe environment.

Is your child having difficulty:

  • Engaging in activities they were previously involved in?
  • Making friends?
  • Concentrating?
  • Following reasonable rules at home or in school?
  • Controlling his or her anger?
  • Expressing emotions other than anger
  • Increased anxiety during stressful situations?


Does your child or teen:

  • Have difficulty in school performance?
  • Have parents who are going through a divorce or have divorced?
  • Experience trouble with the law?
  • have chronic bouts of sadness?
  • Associate with a radically different set of friends?  
  • Experiment with alcohol or drugs?

Helping adolescents achieve their fullest potential.
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