Adult Counseling Services

Most people seek counseling to help them work through difficult times, losses, triggered memories, or major transitions. If you have the made decision to go into counseling then make sure you interview the therapist before making a commitment.

A “Therapeutic Relationship” is a professional relationship that has specific boundaries, goals, ethical considerations and an expectation of competence on the part of the therapist.  You might want to keep the following in mind when selecting the right therapist:

1.  Are they licensed by the state?
2.  How many years of experience do they have in their respective field?
3.  Ask them to talk a little bit about how they approach therapy

Namaste Family Services is fully accredited by the State of Michigan and adheres to state and federal regulations in regards to confidentiality, ethical practice, and the core values of this organization.

Namaste Family Services addresses a full range of adult mental health issues including:
• Depression, anxiety, or other mood difficulties.
• Post traumatic Stress Disorder and other problems related to past abuse
• Parenting skills enhancement
• Reestablishing a healthy balance within the family
• Domestic violence
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