Child Custody and Court Ordered Assessments.
Substance Abuse Assessments.
Evidence-based protocol to ensure neutrality.


Work or personal substance abuse evaluations.

This evaluation is used to determine:
• Family history of substance abuse
• Extent of alcohol use and other mood altering substances
• Current or potential negative effects that have or may occur if use is continued
• We offer alternatives if it is determined that substances are detrimental to your physical or emotional well-being

Regain your driving privileges.

The Driver’s License Assessment Division (DLAD) evaluations are used to help you regain your driving privileges. This evaluation will focus on your history of substance abuse as well as the efforts you’ve made to maintain your sobriety. The state typically also requires random urine drug screens.

Court ordered or Friend of the Court child custody evaluations.

These evaluations are to determine if a parent or household is able to meet the physical, emotional and basic needs of the children. It may also be ordered to assist in parenting. This process involves separate interviews of both parents and the children if they’re of a suitable developmental stage. Reviews of previous documentation from the state or other mental health professionals are conducted and you’re welcome to contribute any other documentation that you may wish to bring.

Court-ordered assessments and psychological testing.

When one or both parents are alleged to be unfit parents, the court will order this type of evaluation. This is ordered to determine what the best interests of the children are. There will be in-person interviews with each parent, interviews with the children and psychological testing.

This evaluation is to find facts and is an intensive process. Typically it’s concluded within 30 – 60 days. We attempt to be as accurate as humanly possible and all of our evaluations follow an evidence-based protocol to ensure the neutrality of the evaluator.

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