How to Pick the Right Therapist

A therapist-client relationship is similar in many ways to other professional relationships. It involves the components of confidentiality, establishing trust and confidence, has ethical and professional boundaries, and requires the therapist to have the expertise and experience needed to help you with your particular issue. It is also a very personal relationship that requires an intrinsic understanding of your personhood. By this I mean the therapist must accept you for who you are, what is troubling you, and where you are in your life journey.
There are several ways to connect with a therapist. You may be referred by another professional such as your doctor, or your insurance company. You may ask a close friend or colleague to recommend a therapist. Or you may look one up on the internet or phone book.

How do you know if a particular therapist is right for you? You could do the trial and error method, but that is time consuming and frustrating. However, there are steps you can take to increase your potential of connecting with the right professional. (more…)

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