Couples Counseling Services

One of the fundamental principles of marriage is that it is a bond between two people that lasts a lifetime. For many, marriage is a holy sacrament that is blessed by God. Others look at marriage as making a commitment to their partner in good times and in difficulties.  Sadly almost half of marriages end in divorce despite the best efforts of each individual.

Marriage or “couples counseling” is a sincere attempt by both parties to enhance or repair the relationship with the help of a trained mental health professional.

Marriage is work. Just as there is no handbook on marriage, there is no specific method of counseling that will fix all troubled marriages.

When should you seek guidance from a couple’s counselor?

1. You and your partner find yourself chronically arguing about one or several topics without being able to find a solution or
resolve the issue.

2. Your marriage feels stagnated.

3. The intimacy in the marriage has lost meaning and joy.

4. You and your spouse co-exist instead of being true partners.

5. You or your spouse have feelings of resentment.

6. The marriage is experiencing intense stress related to finances, parenting, or some other outside issue and instead of
pulling together the stress has become a barrier between the two of you.

Whatever the reason, do not wait until it gets to the point that the conversations have started to include the word divorce.
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